Board Member Information and Application

Think Link Board of Directors Information

Basic Responsibilities

1. Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose

2. Select the Chief Executive

3. Support the Chief Executive and Assess His or Her Performance

4. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

5. Ensure Adequate Resources

6. Manage Resources Effectively

7. Determine, Monitor, and Strengthen the Organizations Programs and Services

8. Enhance the Organizations Public standing

9. Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity and Maintain Accountability

10. Recruit and Orient New Board Members and Asses Board Performance

Application for Board Membership

This application is intended to provide information that will enable Think Link Discovery Museum to select the best Board Members possible.

Nominee Information (please type or print)

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Employer: _______________________________________________________________

Position Title: _____________________________________________________________

Home Address: _________________________________________Zip________________

Please use street addresses-no P.O. boxes

City: ____________________________________________________________________


Business Address___________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________________________Zip______________

Business Phone:_______________________________________

Additional Email:__________________________________

Preferred Mailing Address:  _______Home_______Business

How long have you lived in Union County? ________________________________________

Why are you interested in serving on this Board?

Major Affiliations

List community, professional or toher applicable policy-making boards that you have served on.  Also not the length of service and offices held, if any:


Please list any specific qualifications, education or experience that would directly relate to the Board:

List all Board-related experience (membership, staff, volunteer, ect.):

Staff or Board member sponsoring nomination (if applicable):

Educational Background (check all that apply)

________High School_____AA_______BA/BS____Ph.D.________JD.


Major areas of study:

Other experience or skills that may be valuable to the Board:


Are you willing to meet at least once monthly for a Board Meeting?____yes_____no

Are you generally available should special meeting of the board be necessary? ______yes_______no

Do you understand the duties and responsibilities of the Board_______yes__________no

Signed: ________________________________________________________________


Criminal Background Check ________________________________________________