Creepy Museum

Think Link Discovery Center created a Creepy Museum with Bones and Skeletons, Creepy Reptiles and a Nocturnal Animal Exhibit this Oct 2011.

The Nutrition Display sponsored by The Grande Ronde Hospital made its first public appearance this at The Willow Kindergarten Round Up 2011.  The display will be seen at various events and rural school this spring 2011.

This Spring Break 2011, students from the La Grande High School Key Club volunteered to paint two murals for Think Link.  Under the supervision of Think Link Board Member Mindee, the Discovery Center now has some fun art to decorate our environment.

Over the Holiday Break 2010 one of our Board Members secured a Train Table and trains.  To add to the play, Think Link staff created a ticket booth.

The Theater/Puppet Display is currently being remodeled by Think Link Staff.   In the last week, Think Link staff has changed the Theater to include a front stage, a location for dress up clothes, and a back stage with mirrors and props.  Near future plans include a ticket booth.

The Theater is under reconstruction!

With the support of volunteers Think Link has completed repairing and repainting the color exhibit!  The refurbished exhibit will be highlighted in the December 20th Open House.

The Color Wheel

The research phase of the Nutrition Display as funded by the Grande Ronde Hospital is wrapping up!  In order to understand the current rural school outreach programs available in the community, Think Link staff took a field trip to North Powder to accompany Oregon State University employee Robin Mallie as she taught a nutrition curriculum to first and second graders. North Powder Elementary School