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Canadian Goose: Elk On the Starkey Experimental Forest and Range in Northeast Oregon, elk are used to determine what sort of nutrition they require, or prefer. This is part of a study to record the changes in vegetation by elk, and also of cattle, at different utilization levels. Classes At The Orchard

Regional Discovery

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RSS Oregon Zoo Arrivals and Departures

  • Double the cuteness: Zoo welcomes second red panda November 18, 2019
    Category: arrivals and departures Video of Welcome Moshu the red panda Moshu, a furry 7-year-old tree dweller, is settling into his new home with Mei Mei What could be cuter than a red panda? Two red pandas! Moshu, a fluffy 7-year-old, was reunited with his longtime companion Mei Mei at the Oregon Zoo earlier this month, […]
    kelsey wallace
  • The cuteness is here: Zoo welcomes Pacific lamprey August 5, 2019
    Category: arrivals and departures Video of The Pacific lamprey: your ancient neighbor The ancient, eel-like fish are settling into the Great Northwest habitat The Oregon Zoo's newest residents are also its oldest. Five Pacific lamprey moved into the Cascade Stream building in the Great Northwest area earlier this month, and the ancient fish are making themselves […]
    kelsey wallace
  • Tilly and the pups: Orphaned otters meet for the first time July 24, 2019
    Category: arrivals and departures, animal welfare Video of Orphaned river otters meet for the first time Rescued pups Flora and Hobson are having fun with adult river otter Tilly Rascally pups Flora and Hobson have a new river otter role model. Tilly, the zoo's adult river otter, joined the 3-month-old orphaned pups outside in the Cascade […]
    kelsey wallace


Think Link Discovery Center has played an active role in the Grand Ronde Valley of Eastern Oregon for close to two decades.  Currently Think Link services are limited.

Think Link Discovery Center was founded in 1995. Think Link is a non-profit community resource that provides a variety of novel, dynamic, thought-provoking educational experiences to expand curiosity, creativity, inventiveness and global awareness in the humanities, arts, and sciences through hands-on educational experiences. Think Link is legally established as a tax exempt charitable organization under the nonprofit 501(c)(3) provisions of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

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